Reading is a prelude to another adventure with words, new worlds and characters.

Whether you search the endless aisles of a book shop or spend hours browsing the web, finding a new book to read can be an adventure in itself. Although shopping online is a popular trend nowadays, we understand that there are some people out there who are still caught in the great dilemma of offline vs online buying.

So, here we’ve listed some reasons why buying books online is beneficial not only to bibliophiles, but especially to school administrators and teachers.


For schools or teachers wanting to save up on cost, consider purchasing from online stores selling educational resources (e.g. school art supplies and reading materials) at a wholesale price. Buying manuals and textbooks in conventional stores can be expensive. But with e-shops, you can find great deals as some of them offer discount coupons. Most e-shops can afford to reduce their prices because they don’t have to buy or rent a space for the actual store; they operate out of warehouses rather than in prime retail space.


With e-shopping, you’ll definitely find a vast collection of titles way more than a conventional bookstore could possibly have. Because they’re not limited by space or the number of shelves in which to display titles, they’re more capable of bringing a wider variety of educational and reading materials—from the most popular authors and titles, to the most hard-to-find books. E-shops also make it possible to access titles published in other countries, or those that are not available in your location.


If you’re pressed for time and need to buy reading materials and other educational resources for a large class urgently, the last thing you want to do is walk in a store and search for that one title upon rows and rows of shelves. It’s not only time-consuming, but inefficient. With e-shopping, all you need to do is log on to a seller’s website, enter the title, author or type of reading material you’re looking for, and the results will appear in seconds.


Through online bookshops, you can buy items, anywhere and anytime you want. It’s convenient because your shopping will not be limited by store hours. You also don’t have to drive to the store to find the titles yourself, and wait in long queues to pay for the items. This makes book buying easy, especially to those living in areas where access to large bookstores is limited.

Looking for quality and affordability books online?

At EISAU, we have access to reputable school book suppliers and well-known publishers.  Most of the suppliers listed in our directory offer efficient online ordering systems that make it fast and easy for teachers and school administrators to purchase reading materials and other education resources.

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