Pizza wraps are made with the freshest Australian ingredients, and NOT a drop of any kind of chemical or preservative are ever used in the production of these pizza wraps. This makes them ideal School Canteen Food.

Sadly most of the foods that we eat have some sort of chemical additive. Chemicals are the cause of most modern day dilemmas and diseases as medicine has proven. Issues like asthma, eczema, ADHD, food allergies have all been proven to be linked to food chemicals in our children’s diet

These pizza wraps are NOT a pre-packaged, in the usual sense.

We specialize in school canteen pizza wraps. Each each pizza wrap is weighed individually first the base (dough), then the topping.

This way each pizza wrap is portion controlled, and the school children eat a well balanced nutritional meal. The pizza wraps are created with a passion to pass down the original authentic taste, there are different toppings. The traditional ones are the oregano “Zateer”. This is the ONLY ingredient that is imported to obtain a high standard and authentic taste. It has a tangy, moorish taste to it. Minced meat wraps are topped with fresh ground tomatoes, herbs, onions and fresh mince meat. Some toppings have a modern twist to them, and are very popular with school children, such as the margharita, spinach and cheese, vegetarian pizza wrap and the barbecue chicken wrap. All ingredients used to make all the pizza wraps are fresh and of the highest quality. The cheese is custom made, for it to be low in fat and low in salt. Hence the solid 3.5 star health rating. Such a rating is and hard to achieve especially where cheese is one of the main ingredients.

The pizza wraps are ALL Halal.

 The pizza wraps are individually wrapped, as soon as they have cooled down. This ensures that they are hygienic and convenient School Canteen Food.. It’s easy for both the canteen staff and school children to handle.

Pizza wraps are FRESH – they just requires a quick heating up. Then they are ready for the school children to enjoy. Thus the children enjoy a warm, healthy and very nutritious meal for recess and/or lunch.

From the School Canteen Managers persepective, the pizza wraps are quick and simple to heat up without food wastage. It requires minimum effort, is hassle free and is profitable.

Oz Bake is a 25 year old Australian owned and managed company.

Pizza wraps are made FRESH daily at Oz Bake. We stand by all that we have said above our pizza wraps. word that describes them is honest and true.

We are very proud of our pizza wraps, and confident that schools across Australia will enjoy them.

Please contact me to find out more about how your School Canteen can benefit by including Pizza Wraps on the menu.

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