The impact of education can be seen on all areas of our lives. One must remember that education begins in the school and hence one can never over estimate the importance of schools.

Schools play a pivotal role in the growth and progress of any society. No society can hope to stand its ground without efficient schools that provide excellent education to its young.

I often reflect upon what really mattered to me in school. Now that I am all grown up and now that I have the world at my feet, I often think about those classroom days spent with my classmates and with my teachers.

What was it that really helped me move forward in life? Who and what made a huge impact on me during my days at school? I am often confronted with such questions.

What really made a huge impact was something that went beyond reading and writing. Those School Teachers who imparted real-life advice were the ones that made an impact on my life. I now realize that those teachers who went over and above the call of duty were the ones who really turned my life into a success story.

Schools help to build careers

Schools help to build careers. Schools provide direction in life and enable children to fulfill their potential in life. Schools represent a great investment. It is a way of investing in the future. They ensure a healthy future for an individual and for a nation.

The education provided in schools has the potential to make the world a better place. It helps shape the future and helps to eliminate poverty in society. No society can become affluent without schools and without the education they provide to children.

Schools help save lives                                                                

Schools help to save lives, especially in developing countries. Many countries have some national health program associated with schools. Such health programs combined with awareness through education can help save lives of children. When children attend such schools, they have a good chance of warding off poverty and poor health, especially if their School Teachers inspire them to make the world a more humane place.

This can help bring down rates of infant mortality. It can make the world a healthier place where children and young adults are free of disease and malnutrition.

Schools help to build skills

Education in schools helps to build skills in children and young adults. Such skills help them to make a decent living and thus acquire financial stability in life. Without these skills, these children would not have a hope of earning a decent living. Reading, writing and computer literacy help to build basic skills.

Schools have turned to the use of modern technology to make learning a richer experience. The use of modern technology and a well-equipped library have made children more curious of the world around them. This makes schools a breeding ground for the future. They are places that spawn geniuses of the future.

Schools help raise awareness

Good School Teachers help children and young minds by raising their awareness of the world around them. This can help to make the world a healthier and far better place to live in the future. Children learn about the various issues facing humanity. They learn about the runaway population growth, global warming, food shortages, famines, and pollution. They also learn about weapons of mass destruction and about the efforts needed to establish world peace.


Schools are the very foundation on which a society grows. No nation can progress without schools to educate their young. Schools are invaluable and the education they provide is usually a life altering experience.


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