Is your kitty too stubborn to use the cat litter tray, no matter in which place you keep it, or try every way possible?

We understand how it feels, it is triggering, right? Well, this blog can help you, it is a problem of so many and experts have come up with a solution that actually works.

The fact is that cat litter training is not just widely misinterpreted, but it is also a little more complex than people say it is.

That is not to say that it is hard to do the cat training and clean up, it is just that you need to understand what things are not adding up, and even more seriously, what is the main root cause behind that.

In almost all circumstances, cat litter problems stem from behavioural/psychological loopholes with the cat. That is why cat litter training advice is so monotonous that ground-breaking parts hardly come.

But right now, it is significant to find mistakes you could make without any realisation. So, here are a few tips to try and get you the best results possible without delay.

Mistake #1 – Removing your cat’s scent

Many cat owners use profoundly scented perfumes for their Cat Scratcher. However, many cats are not actually big fans of the strong smell. Therefore, using an unscented cat litter tray might be better so that they can rely on the place.

Mistake #2 – Covering/Misplacing the litter tray

Many cat owners hide the cat’s litter box, but the obstacle is that covers are likely to block odours trapped under the litter box, and as a consequence, may cause some cats to stop using it altogether.

Mistake #3 – Not giving enough privacy

Litter boxes should always be placed in the secluded area of the house where there is no disturbance. If a cat has any reason or distraction to avoid the toilet or just having fun during the time of pooping. Then you can be sure they will not cultivate the habit of using the litter tray.

Mistake #4 – Inappropriate litter tray size!

Cats generally prefer large litter boxes to just a small tile. In fact, most cats tend to have individual choices as to the kind of cat litter and litter box given. It is worth testing various shapes and sizes to know what works the best.

Mistake #5 – Badly placed litter tray!

Most kittens and older cats (especially cats who are dealing with bone problems), do not want to try and climb or struggle to get to the toilet. It is all about making their life extra comfortable, and when teaching a cat to use the litter tray, a tray or box badly placed can be all it takes to make them pick the carpet instead.

These simple pointers should give you a huge advantage in training your cat to use their litter tray. Do not forget to apply them today! Isn’t it time you learned why most cat training has some flaws, and how to understand your cat’s minds and instantly teach them perfect manners from any age? To get the best litter tray for cats check –

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