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‘Richer thinking is more likely to occur in an atmosphere of exuberant discovery, in the kind of place where kids plunge into their projects and can’t wait to pick up where they left off yesterday.’

—Alfie Kohn

Zoos, museums, historical sites and theatres provide students with wonderful opportunities to experience hands-on learning while having fun. Touring these locations offers children with an avenue to learn and understand science, history and the arts in an entirely new environment.

A well-planned field trip can be a powerful educational tool that provides students with ample benefits. Here are some of them:

1.       Students Develop Skills and Enhance Their Knowledge

Field trips provide teachers with an interactive and enjoyable teaching method. Like reading materials provided by school book suppliers, guided educational tours equip students with ample knowledge on different subjects. Educational tours also help children process difficult or complicated subjects, such as physics, chemistry or history. For example, visiting museums and heritage sites can help them understand the past.  Through visits to art galleries and architectural sites, they can also learn more about arts and design.


2.       Tours and Field Trips Build Positive Attitude and Raise Aspirations

School trips serve as a strong foundation for building positive attitude. Children who participate in these outdoor activities become more optimistic and resilient. Their awareness, appreciation and knowledge in various aspects are also improved. For example, going to a musical or theatrical performance offers children a glimpse of what it would be like to follow their dreams of becoming a world-class artist. This can motivate them to reach their goals and aspirations.

3.       They Transform Students into Responsible Individuals

Educational tours enable children to become aware of their surroundings. This will help them learn to appreciate and care for the environment. Service-oriented field trips also provide children with an avenue to learn about helping others in the community, thereby promoting social responsibility.

Bottom Line

Going on educational tours is an essential part of the learning process. Schools need to facilitate field trips to help students develop their skills and improve their knowledge, which help shape them to become confident, successful and responsible individuals.

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