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Use the search on the right to look for a listed provider in Australia or New Zealand. You can search by any number of fields – one, two or three.

Providers listed in the categories of Project Management (Industry- Construction) and those listed in General Facilities Management (Industry – Facilities Management) will generally cover a wide range of services ranging from Cleaning and Painting to Pest Control.

If you are having problems finding a provider in a particular category, do a search on just the keyword and the school postcode. For a more specific search include the category such as Digital Resources, Software, Sporting Services and Supplies, Signage, or Music Resources. These services are all specialised for schools in Australia.

Our variety of providers continues to expand. We have school signage suppliers, providers of outdoor surfaces, IT consultancy services and resources for sustainable schools. We are continually adding to and modifying categories.

We need more providers especially in categories where businesses tend to supply locally such as in Electrical Services or Roofing. We encourage Schools to either suggest providers to us, or to tell their providers about our website. It would be good if other schools could benefit from your experience.

We ask our providers to offer a special deal to all schools who find them through our website. In some cases providers will mention this in their listing such as 10% off Posters and Charts. If you find a supplier who has not mentioned their special EISAU deal ask for this when you contact them. Money saved on one service or product means that you can spend it elsewhere and so make your school dollar go further.