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A good soldier never goes to battle without his complete gear. This holds true for a lot of things we do every day. You can’t bake or cook without having all the ingredients ready. In the field of art, having a good set of materials is also of much importance. The kind of materials artists use is fundamental to the work they make.

When teaching art to children, it is imperative to provide them with the right art and school supplies that will allow them to work freely and explore their creative potential.

Here we share the top art supplies every classroom should have to help students unleash the artist in them.

#1: Materials to draw on

From plain to colourful construction paper, cardboards, poster boards and chalkboards, there are many types of materials that are suited for youngsters today. When shopping for drawing paper, you need to consider the type of activity as well as the drawing material the kids will use. For instance, some types of paper are more suited for watercolour painting. Drawing papers also come in a variety of sizes so it’s necessary to consider the child’s preferences. Some of them like to create large drawings while others are great at small doodles.

#2: Tools to draw or paint with

It would be great to provide kids with a variety of drawing tools to choose from. This can range from basic drawing pencils to a rainbow range of crayons, oil pastels and paints. Each budding artist has his or her own preferences. Giving them an array of tools to use will allow them to explore their creativity more. There’s no need to be all fancy with drawing materials. After all, the main goal is to create art and have the freedom to draw or paint anything they want.

#3: Moulding and sculpting supplies

While some kids are into painting and drawing, there are also those who excel in sculpting. A good batch of play dough or clay can help these young artists get started. Play dough is available in various colours, which is perfect for children who just love to play with colours. To complete the set, you can provide them with a range of tools like cookie cutters, wooden knives and rolling pins that can help them shape the dough to anything they desire.

#4: Materials to protect clothing, furniture and surrounding areas

Things can be quite messy when doing art and though it’s fun to work with colours, you can’t really say the same when it’s time for cleaning. So apart from the typical school art supplies, you will also need materials to protect your kids as well as their work area. To avoid permanent stains on your floors, walls, furniture and clothes, make sure to use placemats, drop cloths, tablecloths and art smocks.

#5: Storage for supplies and tools

Lastly, you’ll need storage for all your materials. After all the creative work, it’s good to have everything properly organised and ready for the next use. You may choose from shelves, small cabinets, bins and boxes depending on the kind and volume of supplies you have. When storing the items, you can sort them out by kind or activity so they’re easier to find. Placing all the colouring materials in one box, for example, will help you grab everything in one go.

A vast range of art materials are available today, which is good news for teachers and school administrators who want to help students develop and display their artistic talents. When shopping for art supplies, it’s necessary to consider the child’s age. The products you choose should be age appropriate. They should also be safe and must be free from toxic materials.

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