Advantages of Having a Great Coffee Machine for Teachers

Coffee is the fuel that powers teachers and students to their very best, keeping everyone focused and energised no matter what the day offers.

Traditionally, school coffee drinkers either make do with what’s available or go off-grounds to buy coffee elsewhere, neither great options for those who appreciate a good cup of coffee. Further, if the school entrusts the school canteen staff to serve coffee then there is the risk of overwhelming existing resources at the expense of other important responsibilities.

It is for this reason that a Lavazza coffee vending machine is exactly what a school needs, high quality Italian coffee, instantly available for easy consumption while eliminating a lot of the common inconveniences in the process. To best understand why a coffee vending machine suits a school so well it is worth having a look at some of the benefits it would provide.

Cost and maintenance

Setting up an effective coffee program is traditionally a costly endeavour, both in money and time. It requires a sizeable investment, the necessary knowhow and regular (and often expensive) maintenance. On top of all of this, there is also the necessary staffing and cleaning requirements, which often means further burdening the already busy canteen staff. With a Lavazza coffee vending machine these problems are no longer an issue.

Firstly, the machine is absolutely free as it is provided on loan without any costs. Additionally, if by some unlikely occurrence there is in fact a problem, Blue Pod will also fix it at no cost to you. Most of all there is no need to worry about staffing or time consuming cleaning as the machine is entirely automated and cleaning is a very quick process and easy. Users simply place their money in the machine, make their choice and let the Lavazza coffee machine do the rest.


One of the bigger problems schools face when trying to set up a coffee solution is finding an appropriate location to house everything. With space being a particularly limited resource for most, finding a coffee solution that requires very little of it is definitely a good thing. Thankfully the Lavazza coffee vending machines take up very little real estate, in fact they are smaller than the conventional vending machine. Further, they aren’t even limited by plumbing or other burdensome requirements as all that’s necessary for it to operate is a standard power point. The school can truly place the machine where ever it chooses.

By having the freedom of choosing where the machine goes, schools are not only avoiding the problem of limited space but they are also ensuring school staff and students have easy and instant access to good high quality coffee so they don’t have to go out of the school in order to enjoy their daily coffee drink. This means a happier, more productive staff and student population.


Just having coffee is no longer enough, with today’s increasing understanding and appreciation for the much-loved drink, the traditional jars of dried up coffee no longer do the trick. People now understand what a good coffee tastes like and how drinking one makes coffee that much more enjoyable and worthwhile. Thankfully, Blue Pod’s vending machines are stocked exclusively with carefully sealed Lavazza Italian coffee as well as a premium milk processor that ensures the perfect froth for the latte and cappuccino drinkers too.

Lavazza also provides soup and hot chocolate options so those at school who don’t drink too much coffee are also able to take advantage of the vending machine.


The Blue Pod vending machines give schools the choice of how they want to charge for the coffee. Schools are able to use a cashless based payment system as well as the traditional coin based system that can give the users change. By having this flexibility schools are able to charge as they wish an option that really comes in handy during school fetes and other functions where there may be a lot of coffee drinkers.

Blue Pod coffee vending machines really suit the needs and wants of the modern school, providing the necessary options and controls without sacrificing taste and quality. By eliminating all the traditional complications involved setting up a coffee system at school, schools are able to operate more efficiently and teachers and students can enjoy delicious Italian coffee whenever they want.

About the Author

PhD in European Languages and Cultures (specialising in Literary Translation) Department of International Studies Macquarie University