Protecting Schools, why CCTV is important

Protecting Schools, why CCTV is important

In today’s world, security is an increasing priority for schools. There are real and potential threats for students, teachers and material assets. CCTV has become increasingly popular for Schools and Education facilities. Samsung Communications is at the forefront of providing solutions that enhance security and improve the education experience.  The use of CCTV in schools can be broken down into several broad categories:

  • Personal safety of students, teachers and other stakeholders
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Behaviour monitoring
  • Litigation reduction
  • Protection of building infrastructure assets and learning tools

Security Benefits

Issues such as burglary, vandalism, anti-social behaviour and unwanted visitors need to be addressed by all education establishments. With the ever-increasing cost of new technologies in schools, the risk of burglary and vandalism need to be given the appropriate consideration. Having surveillance solutions can be a great tool to decrease the risk of such issues.

Behavioural Benefits

CCTV is now being used to reduce bullying by placing cameras at strategic locations. When an incident occurs, a teacher can review the footage and identify the culprit or culprits. Some schools are using CCTV footage as an evidence to show the parents of misbehaved students that their child has a problem.

Samsung Communications Centre is one of the leading school surveillance solutions providers in Australia. By answering any questions you may have, we can help you to choose the most appropriate CCTV solution for your school.

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