The first priority of record keeping at many Schools seems to be concerned mainly about student records, and with the recent incidents in the media of bullying or sexual abuse this is vital; yet often the business records of the schools are not treated with such reverence and care. Good School Document Management is essential from many perspectives.

Schools have the same record keeping requirements as most businesses in order to remain legally compliant. In many cases, there is a higher degree of risk – for example school grounds are often subject to trespassing and occasionally; to arson. Unfortunately in some cases, school disaster recovery protocols are either non-existent or superficial at best.

Business documents form the backbone of any school and hold information pertaining to the administration, accounts payable and receivable, staffing and HR files of the school. In many cases such records are kept in storage spaces which could be better utilised for more appropriate items, or in spaces which are not suitable for record keeping. Access and maintenance of these documents can also be problematic and could lead to potential OHS issues. Securing and managing your school records can often be better done off site.

Making the decision to move your archived school records ‘off site’ is a decision to save valuable office space, or use the space for educating your students or free up clogged computer systems. It makes infinite business sense, especially as Schools are now expected to keep their records for an increasing length of time.  Keeping records off site is an inexpensive option to the perennial problems of ensuring security and at the same time finding the space needed to store large quantities of documents,

But it also raises two crucial questions –

Who do you entrust with securely storing such critical and confidential information – in full compliance with regulatory requirements?
‘How can you be sure it remains readily retrievable at all times?

On both counts, Formfile provides the perfect ‘protective’ answer.

Every Formfile Records Centre operating throughout Australia is equipped with advanced Security Systems that offer the highest levels of protection against ‘intruder’ theft; and fire (or moisture) damage to documents.

Every carefully screened member of staff has signed a Confidentiality Agreement that ensures all private information stays that way.

Every Formfile Archive Box used to store paper documents is specially designed to resist crushing or splitting open; and for quick identification and retrieval of its contents has a barcoded label that directly links to Formfile’s Electronic Document Cataloguing System (EDCS).

As well, every Formfile branded van in our dedicated courier fleet is GPS tracked – irrespective of whether it’s picking up documents from your School premises that you wish to store, or returning archived records back to your School So at all times, we can tell you exactly where your information is – never just guess.

From our high security storage facilities and police checked personnel to our proven systems (and protocols) for delivering rapid access to any stored paper document or digital file, Formfile rigorously ensures that your irreplaceable School Records are in the safest of hands.

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Contact Jane Storey on 0408 327 030 or the office on 1800FORMFILE to discuss

how Formfile can ensure that your irreplaceable records are in the safest of hands.

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