In our previous post, we’ve discussed the importance of using management system software in schools all over Australia.

This time, we’ll look into some of the useful features of an online school management software and how various stakeholders can benefit from them.

Grades and Assignment Management

With this feature, students can access their records anytime and anywhere they want. They can check their grades, daily attendance, progress reports, assignments and projects (complete with instructions and due dates) as soon as the teachers allow them to. Students can also view their report cards at the end of every semester.

Online Admission and Registration

With this feature, the admission and registration processes are made easy and convenient not only for the students, but also for the school staff. Internet-based admission and registration lets candidates enquire about courses and register their applications online. Students can login to the portal and have their class schedules generated in real time.

Administrative Management

This feature helps streamline various administrative processes. It helps administrators monitor all information stored in the database. Through a centralised data storage, administrators have access to everything, from students’ records, enrolment details, finance and accounting, to listings of their service providers, such as school uniform suppliers. It’s also possible to secure a listing of suppliers for school canteens online, but only if the user is authorised to access these details.

Online Payment Method

Online payment method makes it easy for students or parents to pay for tuition, admission, boarding (if any), transportation and other miscellaneous fees, anytime and anywhere. It provides a fast, efficient, transparent and hassle-free method of paying bills. Students or parents don’t have to stand in queues in order to pay for fees because they can do this whenever or wherever they want.

Parent Portal

Through this portal, parents or guardians are able to communicate with teachers to know the academic standing of their children or ward. They are also given access to their children’s or ward’s scholastic records. This way, they can support and encourage them to do their best and help them with their assignments and projects. They will also be given regular updates about school events and holidays through newsletters, discussion forums and email alerts.

Given these features and benefits, it’s only wise for educational institutions to consider embracing web-based school management systems. These tools not only help school managers streamline and simplify operational tasks, they also improve the productivity of students and help develop a positive parent-school relationship.

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