Industries - click on an Industry to view the Categories

The divisions of Industry are split into narrower category divisions to help with searches. However you can narrow searches further by inserting a keyword in the keword field. Some of our school suppliers supply local schools, others will supply to all schools in the stare, and others nationally.

Our categories and industries change over time – as more providers come on board and offer different services we split and rearrange categories.

We encourage both providers and school staff to let us know if they would like additional categories added. If you as a school staff member are unsure what category to search on, try starting your search with a keyword and your school postcode only.

If you would like more information about the categories such as Facilities Management or Fundraising visit the individual industry pages. This provides some information of these goods and services, and also explains a little about our providers. We always welcome feedback on our school suppliers. We believe we have the best ones listed – we will take up issues with our providers should they be raised. I hope that you find your ideal providers of school goods and services by searching on the EISAU website.