Welcome t.o Term 4!

It’s a time when so much happens in Schools, and there is alot to look forward to.

During Term 4:

  • Year 12 students sit their final exams. For most students the results of these examinations, will strongly influence their future.
  • Pre-school children and Year 6 children prepare for the exciting and sometimes daunting task of changing Schools.
  • Celebrations and annual formalities occur. From Graduation ceremonies to School Formals these often mark the end of a life stage.
  • Teachers are marking papers and writing reports – as well as teaching.
  • School staff plan for the New Year.
  • Classrooms and Schools are cleaned ready for the next year.
  • Thank yous and farewells are said – often with much sadness and gratitude

Whatever pressures you experience during Term 4, take time for yourself. It can be hard when so much has to be done in a short time.

Schedule a little time for yourself each day, to do something that is just for you. It may be exercise, a coffee with friends or listening to music – anything you enjoy that is different from studying or work.

One great de-stressor is physical exercise. If you can do half an hour each day – even a pleasant work outside this will help you to relax.

Running towards the end of the Year at speed, means that when the end comes, you then have to unwind. A week passes before you feel as if you are on holidays.

Enjoy Term 4 – it’s a unique term which has a lot to offer. Whether you are a student or School staff member, take good care of yourself.

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