It’s All About Covid!

It will be interesting to see what 2022 brings. There seems to be little else under discussion concerning Schools apart from the impact of Covid.

Mostly there are unknowns. So far, we know that the start to the School year in Queensland has been delayed by two weeks.

The questions that remain:

  • How often will teachers need to be tested for Covid?
  • And will students also be required to tested on a regular basis for Covid?
  • What will happen if 1 or more children in a class tests positive?
  • How long will the isolation period be?
  • Will there be enough relief teachers to replace teachers who need to isolate?
  • Under what circumstances will classes/schools be required to return to distance learning?
  • Co-curricular activities will no doubt be impacted. What will be the impact on excursions, incursions and sport?
  • How will schools accommodate the requirements of children who have serious underlying health conditions?
  • Sporting teams – will they have enough players even if the sporting fixtures go ahead?
  • How will School staff manage the different reactions amongst parents now that there are so many cases in the community?
  • What decisions are to be made around children and vaccinations?

There are more questions that will arise as the school communities across Australia grapple with these issues.

Now we are entering our third year of disruption due to Covid. Let’s hope that the pundits who claim it will peak by the end of January and then tail off to nothing are correct.

Our children have had a disjointed two years of schooling. They do not need a third.

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