The current restrictions on people meeting, gathering and intereacting comes at a price. These are experiences which would have been but will never be – opportunities lost.

We hear alot about the economic impact, and the impact on families, but we rarely is the impact on education discussed in the media – apart from the fact that distance learning increases inequality.

For young people it’s been a long time. It will be almost a year of their schooling, during which time their learning experiences have been restricted. No Year 4 Camp, no trip to Canberra for Year 6 and no incursions for Kindy. The list of prohibited learning exoeriences is longer in some states than others. The children miss out, as do the teachers and others who would have been involved.

Our hope is that the limitations on personal interaction will soon ease, so that students can resume a host of learning experiences which are now off limits to them.

One such experience is Human Libraries – a person with special experience be it historical, adventurous or something else, recounts their experience to the children. The experience is often related to a book – it adds another dimnsion to learning which cannot be found in the pages of a book. Such encounters enrich and deepen the understanting of students. Human Libraries is an acivity which will one day be able to be resumed across Australia… something to keep in mind when the good times return.

The Eisau September newsletter explains what Human Libraries are, and how they enrich the education of students.

To find out more read our September newsletter.

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