Study is an important aspect of Education. It is difficult, if not well nigh impossible to pass examinations without studying.

Some forms of studying are more effective than others. Morevoer what suits one student may not suit the next. Each student must test modes of study to find out what suits him/her.

To this end, Eisau’s March newsletter discusses various forms of study. It discusses various ways students can study. Despite this there remains one constant required for study to be effective. That is focus or concentration. It is evident that successful study demands focus.  This is regardless of the subject matter.

Of course you will be aware that different study methods suit different subjects. For instance to study Mathematics you need to practise solving problems, while for History it may be reading, note taking and recording. Whatever your subjects, it would make sense to find the most effective study options for each subject.

But the other problem is that you may not be aware of the sutdy options available. Hence the Eisau March Newsletter has suggested some creative ways to retain knowledge and develop thinking skills.

Most students tend to study alone. However do not underestimate the advatnges of group studying or studying with another student. The contribution students can make to each others learning cannot be underestimated. Collaboration can acihieve what individual work cannot. This is not to say that group study should replace individual study. Experienced high achievers will tell you this.

Thus if you wish to learn more about effective study methods read our March newsletter. It also raises the importance to taking breaks, and taking time out to participate in something you enjoy doing (apart from studying)

It may not be apparent to everyone, but the more you study the better you become at it.

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