Many students and staff are delighted to be back at School. , even with restrictions in place. Of course it is necessary to catch up on academic subjects.

However School teachers also impart values to their students. This role is not to be underestimated. Students learn values at a young age – these values with them for a long time. Children will willingly learn values from those adults which they look up to.

One important value which can be taught and modelled by teachers is Kindness. There is a lot to be gained by being kind to others. We appreciate it when someone is kind to us. In moments of acute distress there is nothing better to experience than a person being kind to us.

Being Kind has many benefits  Both the giver and receiver benefit in more ways than we imagine.

If you want to find out

  • exactly what Kindness is
  • how it benefits the giver
  • the difference between kindess and empathy
  • how to teach kindness

Read our June Newslettter. This newsletter provides valuable insights into the meaning of Kindness, and why it is important the children develop this quality.

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