Home Schooling and Online Learning requires that students (and parents) take more responsibility for institutional education. In line with the current environment, Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) encourages students to become autonomous learners. Following the influence of John Dewey on the American education system, IBL became popular during the 1960s and 1970s.

Although it’s popularity may have waned over time, IBL remains a valuable educational method. It focuses on students finding information and solutions to problems themselves, through a guided approach. IBL is in contrast to rote learning and the ‘giving’ of information to students. Students become active rather then passive learners. In this way it is hoped that youg people will develop into life long and autonomous learners.

There is a structure to the IBL method. Hence it is desgned so that children’s interest, curiosity and research methods are developed. IBL provides students with the experience of being in control of their own learning.

More than ever, it is important that people learn about the world in which they live. There are many threats to human existence and well being in our world. Thus decisons which arae based on correct information are required. IBL helps childrenĀ  become responsible fact finding and thinking citizens, This exactly the type of people needed by the planet.

Eisau’s October newsletter provides insights into IBL, and its importance.

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