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Independent Schools have been advised by The Federal Education Minister, Dan Tehan, that they must open their Schools at the beginning of Term 2 if they wish to continue to receive federal government funding. In some States appears that both government and non-government and non-government Schools, will be open to those students who wish to return to School. Queensland Government Schools will remain closed with students learning online at least until the end of May.

The government’s medical advisors have stated that they believe it is safe for children to attend School. The beginning of Term 2 varies between States. It’s not so easy for many parents to assist their children in subjects which parents have never studied or have long since forgotten about. Learning online is simply not the same as learning face to face. A number of students will be eager to return secure in the knowledge that they will be able to interact with their peers and teachers in the real world. But other students will prefer to remain learning online.

It remains to be seen how many students will face up to School at the beginning of Term 2. There will be many parents who will still choose to keep their children at home. In this case it is essential to have appropriate online resources. Whilst there are many online resources, it must be remembered that children have a curriculum to follow – the online resources need to fulfil curriculum requirements. Of course using other resources to supplement learning is not prohibited. Other educational resources often serve to motivate students, and deepen and broaden their knowledge.

Whether you are a parent or a student, navigating through the online platforms provided by the State governments, it is worth reading our latest Blog, explaining what is on offer in different States and Territories across Australia.

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