For those people who work in Schools, the changes which occur are usually gradual and sometimes go unnoticed. For those who do not work in Schools changes are more apparent – especially if we have not set foot in a School for a long time. There are not just changes in what we see such as electronic boards in place of chalk boards, but also changes in processes. And these changes occur not only in the classroom but also outside as well.

if you listed the changes which have occurred in Schools during the last 20 years, your list would no doubt be different from someone else. There are so many changes – some more obvious than others. The changes you notice depends on your experiences. For example you could just look at one subject area such as Techology and the new progammable devices students use … such as 3D printers. Moreover the precision of such tools as electric saws has changed. Safety requirements have become more stringent both in this area and in Science laboratories.

Everywhere you look in Schools you can see the influences of advancing technology. Consider canteens and their online ordering systems. Science laboratories include instruments for the measurement and collection of data which rely on modern technology. Even assessments tasks do not remain untouched. More devices and software can be used in assessment tasks than ever before.

Before Covid, many students were fortunate enough to travel abroad. This gave students first hand experience which was not as widespread before 2019.

The interconnectedness of the world both through travel and the internet, have enhanced what students can achieive in their studies. Learning through this interconnected world allows students to become more engaged in learning. They can be both teachers and learners at the same time.

Playgrounds have not remained unchanged over the last 20 years. Now there are such playgrounds as nature playgrounds, and playgrounds which target specific age groups and so have the equipment which best suits the development of their motor skills.

Playgrounds are becoming more inclusive so that there is equipment which physically disabled children can use – there’s still not very much of this equipment but it’s slowly heading in the right direction. Indeed Schools are more inclusive of disabled students in mainstream classrooms than they were 20 years ago. Technology has helped.

The aim of changes in our Schools is to make them better places and to develop more capable, adaptable and socially conscious young people. While it doesn’t always work this way, for the most part we hope that this is the result.

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