With Covid a little more than a memory for a lot of students, those starting Kindy this year may not even remember it all.

Across Australia, immaculately dressed students are excited to begin a new school year, catching up with friends and looking forward to all that the Year offers.

Covid taught us not to take School attendance for granted. Remote learning suited a minority of students, but broadly speaking the cost out weighed the benefits.

The social interaction, team sports and group activities are what makes School enjoyable for many. Not to say that academic learning is secondary- the thirst for knowledge is there and nurtured by educators.

Educational activities require resources, such as Incursion Providers, Sports equipment and drama props. Whatever you, as an educator, require you will find interesting providers on our website. You may find something a little bit different from what you have traditionally given your students.

Each new year brings the anticipation of something different and new – change something for your students in 2024 and see the effects. It may surprise you.

We at Eisau hope that 2024 brings all that students, teachers and carers hope for. Good luck in everything that you do.

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