There’s a lot happening in 2023!

Term 1 has begun. Welcome back to School, students and teachers.

Congratulations to all those who have been promoted or changed roles. We wish you all the best.

This year we are increasing the number of newsletters to nine. That’s one per month except for the months of January, April and December. The February newsletter will continue with Part 2 of Advertising Your School – What Works. You can read Part 1 in the November Newsletter 2022.

South Australia has joined a number of other states in banning mobile phones in Schools. As useful a device as they are, there is a consensus that mobile phones are a distraction during School activities and that they exacerbate some forms undesirable behaviour.

Teacher shortages are at critical levels, especially in the rural areas. Thus some states are offering teachers bonuses to teach in the country areas. Moreover, it is muted to remove the HECS debt of recently graduated teachers.

The teacher shortage has been caused by a variety of factors, including the reduction in contact hours in states such as Victoria. A number of teachers has come out of retirement to help, but this is not enough. Unfortunately, it’s a problem which won’t be resolved quickly.

Eisau is continuing to provide schools with proven and trusted providers and looks forward to many more coming on board this year. If you’re a School supplier of any type of goods or services, go to our contact page. We welcome both phone and email enquiries.

Happy Back to School Teachers, Students and everyone who works in Schools across Australia

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